Flight 93 National Memorial

On September 11, 2001, America endured the worst attack of terrorism in the nation's history. The forty passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93 were the first to fight back, and their heroic and selfless actions prevented further loss of life and destruction in the nation's capital. These forty heroes are being forever remembered at the Flight 93 National Memorial, a planned 2,200-acre national park in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

By preserving their final resting place as sacred ground, constructing more than a dozen design features, and surrounding it with dedicated park lands, the legacy of Flight 93 will be passed along to each new generation. The memorial will also include educational facilities and public programs to teach individuals about the events of September 11, and the historic landscape will be transformed and renewed through the planting of trees to create a living memorial.

The National Park Foundation is leading a national capital campaign to complete funding for the memorial -- the last major September 11 memorial which remains unfinished. Under the leadership of honorary co-chairs General Tommy Franks and Governor Tom Ridge, and campaign chairman Chris Sullivan, the memorial was dedicated on September 10, 2011. Learn more »



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The Roy A. Hunt Foundation has supported the Flight 93 National Memorial for the second year in a row. Through its program focus on environmental initiatives, the Roy A. Hunt Foundation’s generous grant helps to provide solutions to the challenges of transforming a reclaimed coal mine into a publicly-accessible national park and restored natural landscape. More »