I have experienced years of beauty in parks... Hiking with my dog, kayaking, climbing ect... However in the not so distant past the NPS has developed an overly aggressive regulation on recreational activities in National Parks... Now my experiences and memories consist of friends being arrested/fined, equipment confiscated, tickets for my dog being with me and countless disappointments with the whole idea of having national parks so that we can enjoy them. With out question it is apparent that if the rangers could have their way no one would be aloud in the parks except them. I find it sad that we can not even open dialogue to discuss the responsible legalization of alternative sports/activities along with similar state park laws that allow individuals to register their dogs as well behaved and capable of being out there once more. I have a beautiful book of the colorado 14ers where the author has a picture of him and his dog on every summit... I find it hard to believe that dog caused any harm, or that people would be upset by its presence. I strongly urge everyone to understand these laws and assist in revamping them so that we can all enjoy our parks as we once did!

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