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May 14, 2014 Frogs are funny. I would love to play hide and seek with them. I'd win every time because once they get... more
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Please just let me know if you choose this for publication- I'll allow it, no problem, I just wanna see. My parents... more
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When we relocated from New England to the SFBay Area, we stopped by to camp at then called Dinosaur National Park in 1976,... more
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We made it to one of the lowest sections of the United States! Big Bend National Park was named after the large bend that... more
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First stop on the Dakota Goes USA road trip - Grand Canyon! I met many National Park Rangers who knew so much about the... more
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Great road trips - are the unplanned ones !!!!!
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My mom and went to Yellowstone , not even planned - we where heading home from Las Vegas and while getting gas in St. George... more
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Hello Friends! Follow us across the United States on and help raise funds for CHOC (Children's Hospital of... more
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The Jr. Ranger program is wonderful! And Ranger Miller at Fords Theatre made it extra special for our son. Jay has autism... more
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Second trip to the top of Mt. LaConte, I don't think the view can ever possibly get old. Easily one of my favorite places on... more
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