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I live right in the middle of the national lakeshore. We just moved here two years ago and we absoulutely love it! Our... more
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From Fernando Gomez in Antietam National Battlefield
i am standing just above the Bloody Lane at Antietam National Battlefield. The location was the site of intense fighting,... more
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Indeanu nesting park
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From Hazel Meredith in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Just home from an amazing week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my hubby, Dave, and good friends, Pat... more
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From Kara White in Badlands National Park
This week happened to correspond with our cross-country trip up to Alaska for our seasonal jobs. We made full use of the the... more
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From Cynthia in Arches National Park
My husband took me to Arches National Park for my birthday last weekend. We loved hiking the trails, seeing all of the... more
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From Betsy Gomez in Everglades National Park
Our family loves to venture out into the Everglades in our Jeep Wrangler. Bear Island in the Big Cypress is a great place... more
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From Dee Kuder in Voyageurs National Park
This past weekend a trio of friends went up to the Kabetogama Peninsula in Voyageurs National Park to hike the CRUISER LAKE... more
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From Steven C in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
I have been hiking this spring around the Santa Monica Mountains. Yesterday I had the pleasure of hiking in Paramount Farms... more
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