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Together as a family we have been to 42 of the 58 American National Parks. Visit or youtube 58before18.... more
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This park is a great gateway to Ohio's prehistoric past! Located in the gently rolling hills of south Central Ohio, the site... more
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This was the start of a week long vacation through some of our wonderful national parks. I wasn't certain what to expect... more
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From Ai in Saratoga National Historical Park
Thirteen of us decided to celebrate the NPS 96th birthday by doing a 1/2 moon hike at the Saratoga Battlefield on Sat. 8/25/... more
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From Cathy in Acadia National Park
Many happy memories made at this wonderful National Park in the beautiful State of Maine. Both the hiking trail and popovers... more
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We so enjoyed watching our kids watching the wildlife in Lamar Valley....memories for a lifetime.
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We went to Sandy Hook, NJ. What a cool place. I really enjoyed it except for the part where I didn't see anyone and still... more
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From Victoria in Yellowstone National Park
The most magical place on Earth. I always am renewed of spirit. Thank you for our first National Park and all the others... more
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From Victoria in Yellowstone National Park
YNP is the most magical place. I have been there many times over the last 3 years and have left renewed of spirit. Thank... more
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After my first visit to Yellowstone, I told my husband that he was lucky that I had never been here before... because I... more
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