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Ask a ranger what their favorite hike is. Chances are, they've got several, and can recommend to you an outstanding hike,... more
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In Grand Teton National Park, driving up to the top of Signal Mountain just before sunrise is the best way to see the detail... more
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When out exploring, especially on "climbing" hikes, stop and turn around. Sometimes the best view is behind you!
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To take full advantage of the parks beauty and to not sweat a lot your best bet is to go in the Fall when the trees have... more
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I don't know if I want to share, but I think that Greenbelt National Park is a wonderful camping site -- shaded sites, nice... more
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If you go on one of the ranger tours (which I highly recommend!)while visiting Mesa Verde N.P. make sure you go on the Cliff... more
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The summer months tend to be the easiest time for families to visit the National Parks; however, with the summer months... more
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Don't leave anything but a footprint. Take away memories for a lifetime.
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Remember to bring water and comfortable shoes.
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When visiting popular National Parks, avoid the summer months and consider staying in a gateway community outside the park.... more
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