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Take an early morning hike or walk - you may be surprised what you will see.
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If you're planning on hiking up to Half Dome, consider starting at sunrise. It's much cooler, and you will have an easier... more
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Go early in the morning. We had the whole Redwood park in Yosemite to ourselves. It was cool, peaceful and relaxing. You... more
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Be FLEXIBLE! Although you may have the trip all planned, listen to your family and make changes to accomodate everyone's... more
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Turn off your technology. Remember the reasons you are visiting a national park.
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Remember to bring your camera when heading to the remote North Cascades National Park so that you can capture the beautiful... more
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If you go to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park make sure to go to Cade's Cove and step back in time to see how people... more
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Enjoy each and every visit to our National Parks because they are our greatest gift to ourselves.
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I believe you can make camping reservations online at many of the parks.
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Always leave an area better than you found it. Don't disturb the area or pick up even a pebble for a souvenir.
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