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Grand Canyon Hiking Tips. (1) Prepare in advance. Make sure you are in shape for the hike. (2) Start hiking early in the... more
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Pack Light. You may not be able to get everything back in.
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Bison have the Right of Way!
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Pause to Reflect. Our National Parks are places of exquisite natural beauty, unique cultural value and momentous historical... more
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Life is about the journey not the destination. Do not get caught up rushing from place to place with an itinerary.... more
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Take lots of photos to enjoy later and share with others
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Recycle all the travel guides, maps, and pamphlets you collected while on vacation by using them in the creation of a... more
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Be comfortable but sensible in your choice of clothing. Remember sunscreen and bug repellant too.
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Make sure you wrap up all of your food tightly!
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We had a great day at Antietam National Battlefield. We went to celebrate the last day before school started and the... more
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