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If Yosemite is not available, go to Mammoth Lakes, there too, in Inyo there are dispersed camps, such as Glass Creek, they... more
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You can get to Point Reyes Park via the 68 Marin Stage Coach/shuttle ---the shuttle runs to Point Reyes station, and then... more
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Always book in advance.
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don't litter,pick up trash,don't feed the critters!
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Help save a bear! Properly store all food and items that have an odor (sunscreen, hand sanitizer, toothpaste...) in a bear... more
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Many parks are free to visit - what a great and inexpensive way to spemd time with your family
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Enjoy Olympic National Park for free everyday. Lake Creasent and the Pacific Beach areas have not admission fees.
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Try to go to parks during nonpeak season or during weekday. Less crowds so you can enjoy park better. Also try to go to... more
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Free entry to Rocky Mountain National Park September 28!
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When driving from park to park in the South West keep a safty cooler packed.
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