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start out early
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Make reservations in advance so that you get the best park. Plan ahead and bring along all you need to have a good time.
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You must see the sunrise over the Queen's garden! One for your bucket list!
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When you are in Crater Lake National Park, be sure to do the 2.5 mile hike down to the water. It's definitely worth the trip... more
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Plan on spending two days at Mesa Verde. Arrive the afternoon before your planned visit to the cliff dwellings and hit the... more
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Be careful of those signs that say the road may be a little tricky. They aren't kidding! On our family road trip to Olympic... more
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When hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, first always check the forecast prior to starting out, but after that, it's... more
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To get the most amazing view of Grand Prismatic Spring, a rainbow-colored, enormous hot spring in Yellowstone, hike along... more
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This summer I had the opportunity to drive across the United States with my family and visit numerous national parks along... more
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Research prior to your trip. I find it crucial to go online and research each park before we visit. That helps to know if... more
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