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This was my second stop on a three and a half week trip. I went to at least 20 or more State and National Parks and... more
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Came across this monster trying to keep warm while kayaking at 9 mile pond. I estimated it to be around 20 feet.
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My colleague and I brought 20 students from Goucher College in January as part of our investigation of the American Dream.... more
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Fall colors can be subtle, far from the forests of the American heartland. Here, grasses on the lava flows of El Malpais... more
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From its twisting and turning headwaters in northwestern Wisconsin to the surprisingly wild channels less than an hour’s... more
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Everybody else is able to see the Great horned owl that Elsa has just spotted sitting in a tree by the St. Croix River,... more
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Normally, we take out of the river at Log House Landing, in the village of Copas, which is primarily marked by a kitschy... more
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The Department of Natural Resources crews who monitor the St. Croix River’s fish population have a beautiful office and a... more
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The winter wind is timeless. Certain things have changed along the St. Croix River: settlers come and gone, limestone dug up... more
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The last time I was on the river was a windy and gray day last November. We fought a stiff wind downstream, the banks gray... more
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