Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

The Mississippi River is one of the world's great rivers and one of the most complex floodplain river ecosystems on the planet. It is also one of the defining features of the North American continent. Used by Native Americans for trade, food, and water long before Europeans visited the New World, the Mississippi River and its watershed is a major contributor to the ecology, culture, politics and economy of the United States.The National Park Foundation encourages and promotes local fundraising support at individual national park sites. The Mississippi River Fund is a nonprofit partner of the National Park Service and supports core stewardship and community engagement programs in education, water quality protection, habitat restoration and our shared heritage. 

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  • Urban Playgrounds: Some of our nation’s biggest cities are also homes to national parks.
    The very idea of a national park conjures images of wide open spaces — rolling plains, rugged mountains, and secluded forests. That might often be...

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NPF'S Impact at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area