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Welcome to the National Park Foundation Kids page! Just like the parks themselves, there’s a lot here to explore! See how kids around the country are connecting to the parks and helping to protect them.

Sesame Street Explores National Parks

Travel with fun-loving Muppets Elmo and Murray from Sesame Street to two of America’s most popular national parks in a new online series, Sesame Street Explores National Parks . Presented by the National Park Service, Sesame Street and the National Park Foundation, these six short videos and accompanying hands-on activities introduce preschoolers to the natural world.  Join park rangers from Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Gateway National Recreation Area in New York City as they encourage Elmo, Murray, and children across the country to utilize all of their senses to investigate and observe the outdoors. The videos teach young people about habitats, seasons, plants, and animals. They will also learn how to conduct an animal survey, look for nests, identify migration patterns, and simply listen to the sounds of nature.

Get Active in Your National Parks

The National Park Foundation and  National Park Service have collaborated with Disney in a new public service announcement to encourage kids and families to explore the outdoors – and the national parks are the PERFECT place to do just that. The PSA, featuring Disney Channel star Caroline Sunshine (“Shake It Up”), is a joint effort between Disney Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to help connect kids and families to nature.  Check it out and be inspired to plan your next adventure to one of the country’s over 400 national parks.

Have Fun in the Parks

Discover just some of the ways your kids can enjoy and connect to national parks with Parks for Play: 35 National Park Adventures for Kids of All Ages .

It's Time to Visit a National Park!

Let your adventure in the national parks begin! There is plenty to see and do. Start by downloading your NPF Kids Activity Map .

Visit A National Park Near You

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Check Out All You Can Do!

  • Electronic Field Trip
    Electronic Field Trips bring the National Parks directly to your classroom for free. Thousands of kids across the country and world have participated in the live broadcasts from America's national parks. Also learn about the parks through our interactive Web sites filled with games and activities.
  • Junior Rangers
    Learn how you can join the National Park Service family by becoming a Junior Ranger. Then have national park sing along with the " Songs for Junior Rangers " album.
  • Web Ranger
    Wanna learn more about how to become a Ranger right now!? Get started online by checking out Web Rangers!