Lady Bird Johnson’s Legacy

Luci Baines Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson’s own love affair with nature began when she was very young. After her mother’s death, she found solace, hope and promise in native plants and wildflowers. My mother had a pivotal role in beautifying America, but she would want you to know that she was one person in a parade of millions working to preserve our land and heritage. My mother wished that all children, and all future generations, would have the opportunity to experience nature’s goodness and become its caretakers.

It is so very right, so very just, that the National Park Foundation has honored Lady Bird Johnson with what was most precious to her - helping boys and girls fall in love with our national parks and our native land.

First Bloom combines my mother’s dreams for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, her lifelong enjoyment of national parks, and her belief that children will make a better world if we give them our time, talent and treasure.

What greater testimony could we offer to a Lady who loved our native land so thoroughly!